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Views along the way...

Rural intersection with Chevron on right

Heading east on Hywy 12, the Jackson Hywy intersection (named Mary's Corner) provides many opportunities!
Head north for Matilda Jackson state park, south for Jackson Court House state park and Lewis and Clark state park, or contiue east to Ike Kinswa state park, Mayfield Lake, Mossyrock and DeGoede's tulip farm.

Log cabin set behind rustic wood and stonework fence

Jackson Courthouse state park is just a couple miles north of Lewis and Clark state park.

Park sign in parking lot with trees and picnic shelter beyond fence.

Matilda Jackson state park is just a few miles further north of Lewis and Clark state park.

Steep highway hill heading down with snow-capped mountain in distance.

This steep hill heads east toward the Cowlitz Dam, Lake Mayfield and Mount Saint Helens can be seen in the distance.

Roadway with Lewis and Clark state park signage

Eastbound approach to Lewis and Clark state park.

Bridge with views of the lake on either side.

Highway 12 bridge across Mayfield lake

Silos and barns with hills in the background

Typical farmland of this area.

Field of bright tulips with barns in background

DeGoede's Tulip Farm
(blooming during April)

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